May 2017 Pick of the Month: Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey

Each month, Flight Club selects a club-endorsed “Pick of the Month.”  The parameters on the Pick of the Month are (a) locally available in Wichita, Kansas (b) under $40 and (c) something believed to be a good value or limited availability at the moment.  We invite everyone (Club members or not) to break open a bottle and provide comment and feedback. 


In step with this month’s tasting event, the pick of the month is Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey.

This whiskey was sourced, blended, and bottled by J. Rieger & Co. in Kansas City, whose pre-Prohibition history is worth reading about, particularly its use of sherry.

Age: not age stated, but features a blend of whiskies all aged at least 4 years.

Mash Bill: unknown; a blend of straight bourbon, light corn whiskey, straight rye, and a small amount of 15-year old  Olosoro Sherry.

Proof: 92

This whiskey is available in many Wichita stores and retails for $32.99. Pick up a bottle and post your tasting notes in the comments. Cheers!




16 Replies to “May 2017 Pick of the Month: Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey”

  1. The nose features the obvious notes of sherry, including a berry sweetness, but wrapped nicely by thick raisin, maple syrup, caramel and spice. Its almost like a nice spicy thanksgiving cherry pie, but with a mix of berries like black cherry, blackberry and raspberry…with a a caramel/maple syrup glaze. A wonderful aroma.

    The palate has a slight buildup of burn (maybe even a bit more than the proof would suggest), but ultimately fades back down into caramel, maple syrup and fruit sweetness. Heavy on raisin flavors throughout.

    The finish is lasting sherry, with more of the raisin and fruit.

    This is a delicious whiskey. It has something different to it than a mere sherry cask finished bourbon. The addition of the sherry directly to the whiskey is unique and welcomed. Unfortunately for this pour, the pie spice of the nose doesn’t carry through. Had it done so (and maybe that the burn subsided a slight bit), this would be an AMAZING pour. All in all, I’ll keep a bottle around – especially at this price! Delicious as an after dinner whiskey.

  2. I have had this bottle for a while, and given the minimal amount left in it, I must really like it!

    The nose is very inviting and sweet. I get sherry, blackberries, cinnamon and caramel.

    This is a very smooth and buttery sipper, with good caramel and spice throughout.

    It has a medium finish consisting of blackberries and cinnamon.

  3. This is a dessert lover’s bourbon. Or, for the person who reaches for a Brandy after dinner, this would do just fine. And, bourbon drinkers won’t be disappointed.

    The sherry pops out on the nose to separate this from other bourbons. Then the familiar oak/vanilla/caramel flavors start to develop. The palate is medium bodied and resembles a fruit custard with maple syrup. The finish is medium, leaving enough of the sherry and caramel notes to keep it from disappearing too quickly.

    At $32.99, this is a great value. Not many craft whiskies price at this point, much less ones that actually offer something unique and satisfying.

  4. Sweet on the nose…caramel and a touch of toffee. Hints of berries throughout.
    Vanilla and spice on the palate…medium finish. A decent sipper.

  5. Nose: light vanilla, caramel, sherry

    Palate: berries up front, has that sherry characteristic, caramel, spices

    Finish: medium, sweet, sherry again

    Overall I really enjoyed this pour. It’s a great value and Rieger is doing some very cool things. Excited to drink whatever they release next.

  6. No mixing, cutting required. Best said by another almost a cocktail in a glass. The Sherry is very promonate and a great after dinner whiskey. I picked up a little butter on the nose with some citrus and sweetness. Oak and vanilla quickly give way the the sherry. Honestly. I am a fan!

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