July 2017 Pick of the Month: Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

Each month, Flight Club selects a club-endorsed “Pick of the Month.”  The parameters on the Pick of the Month are (a) locally available in Wichita, Kansas (b) under $40 and (c) something believed to be a good value or limited availability at the moment.  We invite everyone (Club members or not) to break open a bottle and provide comment and feedback. 

Maker's Mark Cask Strength

On certain occasions, we find local deals that are too good to pass up.  This month, we present such a deal, albeit one that many of our Club members were able to sample at our January Maker’s Mark tasting.

This bottle originally MSRP’ed for more than $60, a price that we might all agree is too high.  At our now current local price of less than $35, we think it is a winner that should be added to your collection.

We encourage everyone to pick up a bottle and give us your thoughts.

Bottle:  Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

Age:  Not age stated, but believed to be around 6 years old.

Mash Bill: 70% corn, 16% wheat and 14% barley.

Proof:  110.4 (varies)

Location:  Maker’s Mark Cask Strength is available around town, but currently at Plaza Wine and Spirits at 1425 N. Webb Road in Wichita for under $35 for a 750 ml bottle.

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