Scotch God Shoutout to the Scotch Test Dummies

Scotch Test Dummies sporting Flight Club t-shirts

Last week, Jim Murray named the E.H. Taylor Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey the “Whiskey of the Year.”  Back in May, we reviewed it with overall positive reviews.

This past weekend, following conversations occurring out our September monthly tasting,  member Jay Cary was able to supply our friends at The Scotch Test Dummies a bottle of Four Grain so that they too could review and share their comments on their YouTube page.   Today, Scott and Bart posted that review.

Congratulations to the Scotch Test Dummies on their Four Year Anniversary.  It seems only fitting that on a 4th anniversary (which according to Hallmark, traditionally includes gifts of fruit and flowers) that the Scotch Test Dummies were able to review the Four Grain.  TEST IT!

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