Knob Creek Single Barrel Store Pick “Tom’s by Flight Club” Review

Knob Creek Tom's by Flight Club

Single barrel bourbons have received increased attention in the American whiskey market in the past few years. Unlike the single barrel release pioneered by Elmer T. Lee, the current trend involves retail stores and bars selecting their own exclusive barrel from a distributor.

We were fortunate to have a local retailer include us in their selection process. Tom’s Wine and Spirits here in Wichita has always carried a superior inventory of beer, wine, and spirits. Wanting to continue to stock unique items for their customers, Tom’s purchased an exclusive barrel of Knob Creek’s Single Barrel Bourbon.

You can click here to read what we previously wrote about the selection process in sampling from the available barrels from Knob Creek and other information.

Knob Creek Tom's by Flight Club

After we informed Knob Creek of which sample was selected, the bourbon was then proofed down to 120 proof, bottled, and labeled. We were excited to see the cases and display when they arrived at Tom’s a couple of weeks ago. But most of all, we wanted to see how the bottles turned out. Here’s our review:

Knob Creek Tom's by Flight Club

Tom’s by Flight Club Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon (120 proof, 9 years old)

Nose:  Very little burn for 120 proof, but there is a rich spice underlying the nose. Some of the most prominent notes are cherry, raspberry, apple skins, purple grape skin, brown sugar, burnt sugar, roasted corn, cinnamon and allspice. A hint of herbal/peppery rye spice; dry oak; leather; light funk and peanut shell. This is a multi-dimensional nose.

Palate:  Rich and creamy right up front. Then thick sweet brown sugar, toast,  roasted corn,  and tobacco. The longer it breathes, the more fruit emerges, including cherry, overripe strawberry, and  blackberry. There is also some dry roasted peanuts, corn bread, and polished oak.

Finish:  Medium-long.  Tingling brown sugar sweetness with cinnamon and nutmeg. Then lingering fruit with some dry roasted peanut. Finally, a late but lingering walnut. The sweet fruit and nut combination ties a bow on the whole experience.

Knob Creek Single Barrel store picks have been popping up all over the country, including Kansas. One might be tempted to think that if you’ve had one, you’ve had them all. Not so fast.

This particular bottle shows the unique potential for every single barrel selection. Unlike many other Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbons, which are dominated by  oak, peanuts, and earthy characteristics, Tom’s by Flight Club has much more fruit throughout.

We could not be happier with how this bottle turned out. It’s unique, delicious, and strong to boot. Enjoy neat or over ice. Cheers to Knob Creek and Tom’s Wine and Spirits!

Knob Creek Tom's by Flight Club

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