Going Global

Since our inception in January 2014, Flight Club has slowly been taking the spirit world over with style and sophistication that were once unheard of.   Seriously.  Just ask us.   

Truth be told, our “pretentious” approach to learning about spirits has always been very tongue-in-cheek.   While we do try to bring a little class to the party each month, our ultimate goal is simply to learn and educate others about the finer spirits available to us.  We really don’t take ourselves that seriously.

For our first three years of business, we kept to ourselves, hosting monthly meetings among the twelve of us.  Over the past two years, we have attempted to expand by launching this website, aimed at both creating a historical record for ourselves of our monthly meetings, tasting notes, and experiences, as well as adding to the resources that others might utilize to learn more about this shared hobby.

We now enter our fifth year.  Our focus and goals remain the same, but our desire to help others continues to grow.  If we could help influence others to form their own successful local clubs, we would consider that an enormous Flight Club success.

Over the past few months, we have been approached by a follower in Vancouver, Canada area.   Andrew had his own vision – to form a local group of individuals who desired to learn more about various spirits.  He looked far and wide for how to accomplish this.  One (of many) resources he found was us.   He contacted us and we have exchanged numerous e-mails aimed at getting his vision in motion.

Andrew’s group is now coming to fruition.  Just like the rationale that surrounded our inception, Andrew too is going with a “do what is feasible” approach.  His group is beginning with six members.  Not twelve, like our group, as finding the right group of members in spread out community (without the services of Uber) is a challenge.  No doubt Andrew and his group will put their own spin on their approach to this, but Andrew is largely borrowing from Flight Club’s bylaws to get them started.

We are thrilled that Andrew discovered our model and that we have been able to positively influence another group’s startup.  We are proud to share with our readers (or anyone who will listen) our joy of learning about finer spirits.  It is an honor to us that another group desires to follow that same philosophy – whether it be through an identical model or one that simply begins with some of our foundations.

Best of luck to our new friends in Vancouver.  Keep checking back here for updates on their group. And cheers, Canucks!.

[Editor’s Note: Andrew sent to us a small correction. Just like us, Andrew has a co-founder, David, who shared in the search and creation. Best of luck to the two of them and their group.]

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