1792 High Rye

We continue our series on 1792 bourbons with a review of 1792 High Rye.  For a detailed history of 1792 and reviews of many other 1792 and Barton products, check out our 1792 page.

1792 High Rye

What is High Rye?  According to 1792, High Rye follows a traditional “rye” bourbon recipe, but uses “a much higher percentage of rye as the secondary grain than most bourbons do, creating a robust and full flavor.”  It is likely that this release is around 8 years of age. The initial release was aged in Barton Distillery’s Warehouse K on the second floor. It is, however, unknown whether subsequent releases were also aged 8 years or pulled from this same warehouse location.

High Rye is described as a “Limited Edition Expression” but has been released at least annually since it hit the market in 2016.

1792 High Rye (94.3 Proof)

Nose: Softer than I’d expect and prefer; seasoned oak; roasted corn (although not as creamed as the corn in the Small Batch); demerara sugar; banana; light baking spice; mint/herb; toffee; chocolate covered cherry.  (2.5/5)

Palate:  Rye and pepper spice; cinnamon sugar; marshmallow; banana bread with some chunks of apple; returning back to hot cinnamon sugar.  (3/5)

Finish: Medium.  Warm cinnamon-sugar toast; black pepper.  Not completely awful but not inviting (2/5)

Overall:  This almost feels like Barton its trying to mask very bland bourbon with some added pre-ground black pepper. While the flavors are not offensive at any point, there just isn’t much here.  (2.5/5)

Value: This is again a 1792 $35-$40 bourbon. Unlike most of the others, I don’t know that I’d buy it again.  Its average at BEST.  And not particularly unique.  For this price, I could probably pick up two bottles of something else that I’d prefer more.  (2/5)

“This almost feels like Barton its trying to mask very bland bourbon with some added pre-ground black pepper.”
1792 High Rye
Scott Hill

Scott is a co-founder of Flight Club and a frequent writer and reviewer on the Club’s blog.

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