1792 Single Barrel – Store Pick Review

We continue our series on 1792 bourbons with a review of 1792 Single Barrel Pick from Gomer’s Liquor store in Kansas City, Missouri, which does a terrific job of stocking several different varieties of single barrel store pick whiskys. For a detailed history of 1792 and reviews of many other 1792 and Barton products, check out our 1792 page.

Recently, we reviewed a standard Single Barrel of 1792.  Our particular bottle came across as a bit unexciting.  We picked up a store pick to see how it might compare.

1792 Single Barrel

For a bit more history on Single Barrel, including the origins of the Single Barrel label as a “store pick” option for Small Batch, check out our previous review.

1792 Single Barrel – Gomer’s Store Pick (95.6 Proof)

Nose:  Vanilla, almond extract, dusty oak, butterscotch, honey tea, brown sugar, toffee, baking spice, baking spice.  This barrel feels like it has a bit more age to it than our standard Single Barrel, as much of the corniness of 1792 is gone.  Very little ethanol burn. (3/5)

Palate:  Vanilla custard; baking spice, almond syrup, brown sugar; dry oak, developing dry cinnamon spice.  Not particularly thick but not a full mouthfeel.  (2.5/5)

Finish: Medium but thin; sharp cinnamon spice, baked apples, brown sugar, dry oak.  Again, the dryness of the oak makes me want to drink water, not more 1792.  (2.5/5)

Overall:  Just too many flaws with this 1792 Single Barrel.  Thin.  Dry. Unfortunately, those qualities overwhelm the vanilla custard and butterscotch.  (2.5/5)

Value:   We reviewed a regular 1792 Single Barrel that is cheaper than this store pick, which we scored a half-point higher “Overall.” We rated that bottle’s value at a mere 2/5.  I couldn’t bring myself to buy another of these, especially since the Small Batch was as good or better than both. (1.5/5)

“Just too many flaws with this 1792 Single Barrel.”

1792 Single Barrel

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