Mic. Drop. Bourbon Review

Mic Drop Bourbon

Mic  Drop is a 8 year old barrel proof bourbon released by PM Spirits out of Brooklyn, New York.  The bourbon is sourced from MGP using 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley.  It is bottled by PM Spirits at 112 proof.  It is their first bourbon release.

PM Spirits is quite transparent as to their sourcing, including the MGP origin front and center on the label and the backstory on their website:

“Finding decent bulk Bourbon is quasi impossible for small guys who are seen as outsiders in the business (after-all PM started out as a brandy house). A cask of the good stuff, if you’ve been lucky enough to find some, costs more than a solid gold Lamborghini.”

Mic Drop Bourbon

Only 3,358 bottles were released beginning in September 2017 at the MSRP of $99.

Shout out to member Stephen Benson for providing me the sample (and assisting in the review) and to Steven Kocerka for providing the sample to him.

Mic.Drop. (2017) (112 Proof) (8 Year)

Nose:  Caramel; toasted coconut; toasted marshmallow; dank oak; bing cherries; apple; pear; baking spice (cinnamon and clove); rye bread.  A great introduction to what is to come.  (3.5/5)

Palate:  Creamy/oily.  Toasted coconut; caramel; brown sugar; apple strudel and other brandy-like fruitiness; baking spice; underlying light funky leather/earthiness.  Delicious and just a bit unusual.  (4/5)

Finish:  Medium to medium long.  Caramel; rye and baking spice; apple and overall fruity on the finish (again, almost brandy like); some lingering earthiness.  (4/5)

Overall:   While some whiskeys require that you search for flavors, the flavors on this don’t hide. And they shouldn’t.  They are delicious, well balanced and just a bit unique.  While I wouldn’t call this terribly complex , it is rich in flavors, with no one flavor dominating.  Overall the proof is a non factor.  Just rich and thick.  (4/5)

Value:  Although $100 at retail for an 8 year bourbon does feel high, after trying this one I’m considering paying even more on a secondary market.  (3.5/5) 

“. . .  the flavors on this don’t hide. And they shouldn’t.”

Mic Drop Bourbon


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