March 2019: Breckenridge Bourbon

The Club’s March 2019 Tasting Event feature a lineup of products from Breckenridge Distillery.

Breckenridge Bourbon

Colorado’s Breckenridge Distillery is the “World’s Highest Distillery,” located at an elevation of 9,600 feet above sea level. Founded by a physician in 2008, it is now the largest distillery in Colorado. Interestingly, the distillery’s genesis was not unlike Flight Club. Friends would gather several times a year to sample spirits, primarily hard-to-find premium whiskey. This hobby eventually led Dr. Bryan Nolt, a radiologist, to start a distillery, crediting the water in the Rocky Mountains as part of his inspiration.

Breckenridge Distillery is most widely known for its blended bourbon , a high-rye mash American-style whiskey. Breckenridge bourbon is blended from barrels selected from undisclosed distilleries in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana.

Our hosts Phillip Horvey and Marcelo Moreira led us through five-part blind sampling for our tasting event. The actual bottles were not revealed to any of the guests until after the tasting concluded.

Cocktail: Maple Old Fashioned

2 oz Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey

1 tsp Maple Syrup

1 Luxardo Maraschino Cherry

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Fill rocks glass with ingredients from above and garnish with orange peel

Breckenridge Bourbon

Bottle 1: Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey R&J Pick

Proof: 86

Price: $40

Purchase location: R&J Discount Liquor 

This store pick of Breckenridge Bourbon features a unique blend of bourbon sourced from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. Unlike other single barrel store picks, these Reserve Blend bottles feature a unique blend selected for a particular retailer.

Breckenridge Bourbon

Bottle 2: Breckenridge Reserve Blend Jack’s Wine and Spirits Pick

Proof: 86

Price: $52

Purchase location: Jack’s Wine and Spirits

Another blend selected for a different liquor store here in town, this demonstrated the stark changes that one Reserve Blend can have from another.

Breckenridge Bourbon

Bottle 3: Breckenridge Distillers High Proof Blend

Proof: 105

Price: $59

Purchase location: Jacob’s Liquor Exchange

Cranking up the proof to 105, this bottle brings a lot of punchy flavor to the typical Breckenridge profile. This bottle was far-and-away the group’s favorite.

Bottle 4: PX Cask Breckenridge

Proof: 90

Price: $54

Purchase location: Jacob’s Liquor Exchange

A fascinating look at what a Pedro Ximenez cask can do. The smoky fruit was a welcome surprise to the guests, as we had pegged the tasting to most likely feature bourbon, but did not know what exactly to make of this prior to the reveal.

Bottle 5: Breckenridge Port Cask

Proof: 90

Price: $55

Purchase Location: Jacob’s Liquor Exchange

More tame than the Pedro Ximinez cask finish, the Port lends a more subtle dark fruit influence.

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