Knob Creek Single Barrel – Flight Club For Tom’s Pick “House Kessler” Release

Flight Club and Tom’s Wine and Spirits have been at it again, this time selecting a 15-year Knob Creek Single Barrel, which is now hitting Tom’s shelves at 47th South and Broadway in Wichita.

Those who have been following might recall that in late 2017/early 2018, Flight Club and Tom’s partnered to select a 9-Year Knob Creek Single Barrel.   That pick flew off shelves in a matter of weeks.

This time, Flight Club and Tom’s decided to go a different route.  We selected a 15 year sample that was barreled on February 11, 2004.  To read more about how these barrels are selected, take a look at our recap of our 9-Year pick.

While our first barrel was a very fruit-forward, younger profile bourbon, this latest pick has prominent peanut brittle, butterscotch, and milk chocolate notes, characteristic of the 15 years of age.  But what we were most intrigued about with this barrel was how it offered these “old bourbon” notes with a creamy, almost briny mouthfeel, and without the thinness and tannins that creep in with that much time in the barrel.

Our tasting notes from our March 2019 sampling were as follows:

Knob Creek Single Barrel (Sample B) (128.7 proof) (Barreled February 11, 2004) (Selected by Scott Hill, Jamie Baalmann and Stephen Benson of Flight Club, and Tom Kessler, Keaton Kessler and James Denning of Tom’s Wine and Spirits)

Nose:  Very rich, with bold flavors and not overpowering burn, despite the proof.  Peanut brittle; vanilla; rye bread; butterscotch; brown sugar; milk chocolate; dust; grape skin; plum; apple skin.  Complex and well married aromas.

Palate:  Salt and brine (which took us for a pleasant surprise); peanut brittle; brown sugar.  Creamy.  A few drops of water adds minerality and herbal character.

Finish:  Apple; Peanut M&M’s.  Medium to long in length.  A fitting conclusion to the experience, while at the same time providing a great introduction to the next sip.

And while this barrel is impressive on its own, keep in mind that Knob Creek has virtually discontinued its Single Barrel Program for the remainder of 2019.  We have heard that even some retailers who were fortunate enough to pick a barrel are now being told that orders are canceled.  Might one of the best buys in all of bourbon be a story of the past?

Be sure to grab a bottle of “House Kessler” before these are all gone!

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