30 Days of Wild Turkey: Day 65 (Single Cask Nation 9 Year (Cask 18-428))

For the third consecutive year, over the month of November, Flight Club will be bringing you “30 Turkeys in 30 days.” Each day, we will post a review of a different Wild Turkey product. Throughout that journey, we will provide you with background information on the company, the products and the people behind the products, all of which we hope create a better understanding of what Wild Turkey brings to the world of bourbon. A table of contents for each of these posts can be found here.

Chapter 14, Part 5:

We continue this Chapter 14 with a look at some of the more recent Wild Turkey expressions.  Today, we bring the second 2019 Wild Turkey single barrel released by Single Cask Nation.  

Today’s pick was warehoused at the famous Camp Nelson property located some distance from the Wild Turkey Distillery.  Camp Nelson was a civil war site, which now houses six Wild Turkey rickhouses.

Single Cask Nation

Single Cask Nation, Wild Turkey – Aged 9 Years, Cask 18-428, Rickhouse A Camp Nelson, 4th Floor, 57.05% ABV. (reviewed by Scott Hill, Jay Cary, Jamie Baalmann and Stephen Benson)

Nose: Runts candy; Nerds candy; chalky; fruity, with overripe strawberry, raspberry and apricot/plum pit; sugar in the raw; wet firewood; gingersnap; floral (lilac bush).  (3.5/5)

Palate: Apricot; black cherry; raspberry; boysenberry; chalky candy; brown sugar; cocoa. (4/5)

Finish: A bit shorter;  heat, but only after the first sip; fun dip stick; waxy and chalky; cocoa; aluminum; pre-ground black pepper. (3.5/5)

Overall: This is a different Turkey experience than many might be used to, but give it some time.  It opens up a ton overall, and so does your mind.  Pour.  Walk away.  And come back later and enjoy.   (3.5/5)

Value: This is another $101 Wild Turkey release available only from Single Cask Nation. Recall that this is one of the only cask strength Wild Turkey single barrels that have been released since the end of the twentieth century. Now that regular Russell’s Reserve has hit the $70+ mark in some markets, and with so much higher priced whiskey now days, we would highly recommend this buy. (4.5/5).

“This is a different Turkey experience than many might be used to, but give it some time. “

Single Cask Nation

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