30 Days of Wild Turkey: Day 87 (Wild Turkey 101 – 8 Year Decanter (1983)- Part 2)

For the third consecutive year, over the month of November, Flight Club will be bringing you “30 Turkeys in 30 days.” Each day, we will post a review of a different Wild Turkey product. Throughout that journey, we will provide you with background information on the company, the products and the people behind the products, all of which we hope create a better understanding of what Wild Turkey brings to the world of bourbon. A table of contents for each of these posts can be found here.

Chapter 18, Part 9:

We close out Wild Turkey Month 2019 with a dozen limited edition or classic Wild Turkey releases.  Some of these are products that we have tried before, but with a different release year.  Others are products that we have not previously laid hands on.  But without a doubt, each of these Wild Turkey products are an exciting look back at the history of Wild Turkey.

This week we looked at two different 1979 Wild Turkey 101 8 Year decanters, along with a 1983 decanter. Today, we take a second look at a 1983 decanter.  As we have mentioned before, the whiskey here has sat in these decanters for almost four decades, which might affect different decanters differently Fortunately, all these now reside in mason jars or similar non-leaded containers, and so further changes should remain consistent and predicatable.

Wild Turkey 101 – 8 Year (1983 Decanter) (101 Proof)(Sampled by Jamie BaalmannStephen Benson, Eric Schroeder, Scott Hill and John Pharris)

Nose: Butterscotch; metallic; herbal spice; chocolate; nut; brown sugar; coconut; rusty paint can lid; varnish; wood pile. (3.5/5)

Palate: Metallic; ink; chocolate; nut; salted caramel; light brown sugar; vanilla chews; apricot. (3/5)

Finish: Medium.  Metallic; sour apple; dust; chocolate.  The metallic note is a bit too heavy for a shorter finish.  (2.5/5)

Overall:  This should and does have much in common with the other 1983 decanter we reviewed yesterday.  This one, however, seemed to suffer a bit more from its days in the decanter.  While not our favorite years for Wild Turkey decanters, this was still very different from today’s profile and fun to drink.  (3/5)

Value: This decanter came in a bit higher than yesterday, but still a little below market value.  A good buy.  (3.5/5)

“While not our favorite years for Wild Turkey decanters, this was still very different from today’s profile and fun to drink.”