June 2019 Tasting Event: Cask Strength Armagnac

Cask Strength Armagnac  Hosted by Eric Schroeder 

Cask Strength Armagnac

Armagnac is the oldest distilled brandy made in France, predating its cousin Cognac by two centuries. There are three distinct regions in Gascony in southwestern France that produce Armagnac: Bas, Ténarèze and Haut.

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Knob Creek Single Barrel – Auburn & Flight Club Pick: Scotch Test Dummies Review

Shout-out to our friends at the Scotch Test Dummies, who are fellow Wichitans and whiskey fans.  Yesterday, they released their review of the Knob Creek Single Barrel – Auburn & Flight Club Pick.  For more information on the barrel selection and our tasting notes, check out our post.

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And if you still haven’t picked up a bottle of the Knob Creek Single Barrel – Auburn & Flight Club Pick, you better hurry because they are almost gone!

April 2019: A.D. Laws Whiskey

Our April 2019 Tasting Event featured a blind tasting of four bottles from Laws Whiskey House, better known as A.D. Laws. This is our second consecutive blind tasting of Colorado whiskey this year, the previous being Breckenridge Bourbon.

Laws Whiskey House is a distillery located in Denver, Colorado. The vision for the distillery was born in 2006 by a former investment banker, Al Laws. The distillery’s roots are firmly embedded in Colorado, as it sources all of its grains in-state. Its cooperage comes from southeastern Missouri, but every barrel contains whiskey distilled and aged at least 2 years in Denver’s elevated climate.

In 2011, Laws Whiskey House started production. And in 2014, its products started hitting shelves in Colorado. Word spread quickly, and now A.D. Laws bottles are popping up in stores across the country.

We tasted blind samples four A.D. Laws bottles, not knowing what the spirit was, much less the distillery.

A.D. Laws Wheat

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