Knob Creek Single Barrel Selection Process – In Reverse!

Knob Creek Single Barrel Store Pick

If you have never had an opportunity to select a “single barrel” whiskey, you are missing out.

Now, I’m not being superior or snobbish, I sincerely mean that it is an incredible experience that allows you as a consumer to truly influence the quality of whiskey brought to market.  I’ve personally been involved with picking a half-dozen or so barrels, and we have written about some of those experiences as it relates to the Knob Creek Bourbon, Knob Creek Rye and Buffalo Trace.

But as with all attempts to influence comes risk.  How well will this given selection proof down to its bottle strength?  Will the barrel we pick be well received?  How will it compare to other selection in our market?  Will it sell?

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August 2018: North American Rye Whiskey and Cigar Pairing

rye whiskey

Rye Whiskey has become a distinctly North American product. America’s neighbors to the north appreciate the unique characteristics of the rye grain. And, despite what some hockey fans might tell you, Canadian and American can play nicely together. At least when it comes to whiskey.

All of the whiskey we will be sampling is rye whiskey. Some of it from Canada, some of it from the United States, some of it a combination of the two, and some finished in European casks.

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