Baron de Lustrac 1977 Bas-Armagnac Review

This past weekend, Flight Club helped celebrate the 40th birthday of one of its Alumni Members, Joe Jacumin.  In advance, Joe’s wife, Erica, was kinda enough to reach out to us to assist in the selection of a “birthday bottle” for Joe to celebrate the occasion.  Members Chris Crow and Scott Hill assisted Erica in picking a bottle of Armagnac that was in fact distilled in Joe’s year of birth (and not incidentally, bottled and released this year) – like Joe, this spirit is 40 years old.

That bottle selected was the Baron de Lustrac, a 1977 vintage Armagnanc, from the Bas region of Armagnac (this region is notable for its lower altitude, and sand and iron soil, that together give wine flavor that is believed superior for both young and aged Armagnacs).

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George T. Stagg 2017 Review

George T. Stagg 2017

George T. Stagg 2017

George T. Stagg boasts a reputation as one of the premier bourbons in today’s market. Though a new version has been released each year since 2002, it is a perennial favorite.

This year’s release is only the third time that the barrel proof bourbon has clocked in under 130 proof (the only others being 2004 and 2013). Since 2002, each release has been at least 15 years old. This year’s is 15 years and 3 months, just one month younger than last year’s.

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Glenmorangie Signet Review (Bonus: The Original and Nectar d’Or Reviews)

If you have spent any time on a Scotch Whisky aisle in a store, chances are you have come across Glenmorangie more often than not.  Glenmorangie is a single malt Scotch producer in the Highlands region of Scotland (which is the by far the largest Scotch region in terms of both geographical size and whisky production).  And within that large Highlands region, Glenmorangie is said to be the best selling Single Malt in Scotland almost continuously since 1983.

Glenmorangie was founded in 1843 in the town of Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland, on the site of the Morangie brewery that had operated there since the 1730’s.  In 1918, the distillery would be sold.  Its then owners would retain control until 2004, when the company was sold to its current owner, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.  The distillery shut down several times during war and depression times.

Glenmorangie Signet

Today, Glenmorangie has four core expressions – The Original (ex-bourbon casks), the Lasanta (ex-bourbon cask with Oloroso Sherry cask finish), the Quinta Ruban (white oak with ruby port cask finish) and the Nectar d’Or (Sauternes wine finish).  Glenmorangie also produces what they call the “prestige expressions,” which include 18, 19 and 25 year age stated whiskies, and the Signet (more below).  Additional vintage and private editions have been released over the past few years.

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Scotch God Shoutout to the Scotch Test Dummies

Scotch Test Dummies sporting Flight Club t-shirts

Last week, Jim Murray named the E.H. Taylor Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey the “Whiskey of the Year.”  Back in May, we reviewed it with overall positive reviews.

This past weekend, following conversations occurring out our September monthly tasting,  member Jay Cary was able to supply our friends at The Scotch Test Dummies a bottle of Four Grain so that they too could review and share their comments on their YouTube page.   Today, Scott and Bart posted that review.

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