Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain Review

E.H. Taylor Four Grain

Our collective patience was recently rewarded.

As we waited (and waited) for the Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain to be released in Kansas, we did not idly twiddle our thumbs. We are currently in the middle of our attempt to cumulatively review the brands comprising Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1 (Old Charter, E.H. Taylor, Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare).

**UPDATE OCTOBER 2017: And now that it has been named Jim Murray’s top overall whiskey in his 2018 Whisky Bible, it is sure to receive some added hype and scrutiny. **


**UPDATE JUNE 2018: See our review of the 2018 E.H. Taylor Four Grain, and how it compares to the 2017 Four Grain here.**

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Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1: Old Charter 8, Old Charter 8-Year, and Charter 101

Old Charter


This one word summarizes my feelings of a relatively unheard of, and fairly difficult to find, bottom shelf bourbon.  Charter 101, a 101-proof Mash Bill #1 Straight Kentucky Bourbon from Buffalo Trace, is a winner in its class, and something you should pick up without question if you ever see it on a shelf.

[For our final conclusions and links to our other Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1 reviews, click here.]

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