Julep Cocktail Club, Kansas City

We’re concluding our series featuring out-of-town whiskey bars by circling back closer to home: Julep in Kansas City, Missouri.

Julep Kansas City

Julep Cocktail Club opened in 2014. And it’s nearing the point where we’ll wonder how we found a way to get along before it opened.

Julep is located in Kansas City’s Westport district. While the area is certainly not short on bars and pubs, Julep is hands-down the best whiskey bar in town. But that’s not to say it’s a one-trick pony. Julep features a variety of spirits, cocktails (and even offers cocktail classes), and some spectacular food as well.

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Brandy Library, New York City

We’re continuing our short series on out-of-town bars with a look inside New York City’s Brandy Library. 

Brandy Library

Over the past few years, two of our more well-traveled members – Ryan Boyle and Lee Bullock – have raved about some “brandy bar” in New York City.  At times, they have sent me pictures of their pours (none of which have been of brandy).  The pours were nice, but it was tough to gauge the bar from the photos alone.  Was there anything to their hype of this bar?  On a recent trip to New York, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a cocktail to find out.

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