February 2018: Compass Box Whisky

Host: Lee Bullock

This tasting is one that I have been thinking about for past 12 months, even before last year’s single grain tasting that I hosted.

Compass Box whisky is an independent bottler of Scotch whiskies and have brought, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air to the Scotch market in general. This tasting should also build on the last two tasting hosted by the esteemed Dr. Benson.

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Gentlemen devoted to the finest.

January 2018: Indian Whisky (Paul John Distilling)

Host: Dr. Stephen Benson

One of the missions of Flight Club is to introduce members to something different. Part of this includes introduction of spirits from around the world. We have tasted spirits from Japan, South America, Iceland, and China to name a few. Over the past several years, Indian whisky has started to gain notoriety and has won numerous awards.  This tasting of Paul John Single Malt whisky is our first venture into the Indian market.

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Gentlemen devoted to the finest.