October 2017: Pisco

Host: Phillip Horvey 

Additional background information on selected spirit:

We will be tasting Pisco from both Peru and Chile. Both countries claim to be the original distiller. Pisco is distilled from grapes in wine country in specific areas of both countries. Below are excerpts from Wikipedia regarding the spirits’ background in both countries.

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September 2017: Independent Scotch Bottlings


Cadenhead's Scotch Whisky

Host: Dr. Stephen Benson

I had the great fortune of visiting London and Edinburgh this past Spring.  I thought I would pick up a few bottles for Flight Club while I was there, but honestly did not have much of a plan.  This was a mistake.  The sheer number of bottlings is overwhelming to say the least, especially if you’re not sure what you are looking for.  A coupleof helpful store owners told me about independent scotch bottlers and that piqued my interest.

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Gentlemen devoted to the finest.