July 2016: Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon, July 2016, by Josh Cary.

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Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Name – Grilled Lemonade and Bourbon

Ingredients – Grilled Lemonade and Bourbon

Recipe: 1 oz. Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon (120 Proof), 4 oz. Grilled Lemonade, garnish with lemon slice.

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June 2016: Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky  

Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky, featuring Kavalan, June 2016, by Marcelo Moreira.

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Kavalan was founded in 2005 and known as the first distillery built in Taiwan. The distillery features imported copper pot stills from Scotland, water sourced from the springs of Mountains of Taiwan, and several types of wood barrels to achieve specific flavor profiles. Kavalan was quick to become well-known, beating even traditional Scotch counterparts in competitions.

As for the distillation method, the whisky goes through double distillation, resulting in additional purity and leaving the still at a higher strength. For maturation, the temperature in Taiwan is higher than other areas where single malt whisky is traditionally produced. This results in the whisky extracting the flavors from the oak barrels at a faster rate. Thus, even at a younger age, Kavalan typically tastes more mature than other similarly aged, or even older, whiskies. Another interesting fact – Kavalan is named after the indigenous people who originally inhabited the northeastern corner of Taiwan.

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May 2016: American Straight Rye Whiskey

American Straight Rye Whiskey, May 2016, by Stephen Netherton

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Prior to Prohibition, rye was the most popular grain American farmers distilled with regularity (including George Washington). Prohibition, however, ushered in bootlegged Canadian whiskies. While these still featured a majority rye-based mash bill, Canadian rye is much softer. The American palate adapted, and after Prohibition was repealed, rye took a back seat to sweater, smoother grains, such as corn. Bourbon, thus, took over as America’s most popular whiskey.

But, times are changing. Rye is surging back (riding the building tidal wave of all whiskey, really) and is reacquainting itself as the primary grain. In Jim Murray’s 2016 Whisky Bible, the top two overall world whiskies were rye whiskeys – Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye and Pikesville Straight Rye.

What distinguishes a simple rye whiskey from “straight” rye? Any rye whiskey must contain a mash bill of at least 51% rye. Straight rye is distilled at no more than 160 proof and stored at no more than 125 proof in charred new oak barrels. Finally, it must be aged at least 2 years and contain no added flavor, color, or additional spirit or blend. 27 CFR § 5.22(b)(1)(iii).

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