Monarch Flights by Flight Club

Flight of the Month - May 2018

Selected by Flight Club Member Scott Hill

10-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys

Bulleit 10 Year
Caramel, Vanillla, Oak, Spice

Henry McKenna 10 Year Bottled in Bond
Caramel, Brown Sugar, Oak, Light Peanut

Eagle Rare
Oak, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cherry Cola

Medley’s Private Stock 10 Year
Caramel, Corn, Butter, Maple Syrup

For me, 10-year Bourbons are the sweet spot for aged bourbons.  Too much younger than 10 years and many bourbons have not yet had an opportunity to develop some of the rich dark fruit flavors, oak, and some of the other flavors like tobacco and leather.  Too much beyond 10 years and I believe many Bourbons suffer from being “over oaked,” where the oak flavors dominate and some harsh astringency starts to develop.  Obviously, there are probably more exceptions than the rule,  and the sweet spot probably looks more like a range with 10 years being at the center.

This month’s Flight features a variety of Bourbons from a number of different distillers, each of which offers some unique flavors.  

Bulleit 10 year is a bit of a higher rye Bourbon than the others here, and will offer more spice.  For me, this bottle is most impacted by oak and age than the others here.  It is bottled at 91.2 proof.  We previously reviewed a pour from Monarch here.

Henry McKenna is a 10-year product produced by Heaven Hill.  We have previously reviewed it here.  It is a bottled-in-bond Bourbon at 100 proof.

Eagle Rare is a low-rye recipe from Buffalo Trace.   We previously reviewed it here.  It is bottled at 90 proof.

Medley’s is a produced at an undisclosed distillery in Kentucky.  It is bottled at 90 proof.  

Enjoy this month’s Flight!

More coming soon!