Seven generations of the Beam family have worked for the distillery in various capacities, usually at the helm as Master Distiller.

Today, Jim Beam’s product line features much more than its name’s sake, and is also not limited to just bourbon. 

From classic brands such as Old Grand-Dad, to newer brands like Knob Creek, Jim Beam continues to serve as a pioneer in the American whiskey industry. 

Check out our reviews of the various Jim Beam brands to learn more. 

Knob Creek Rye by Flight Club

Learn more about the upcoming Knob Creek Rye release by Tom's Wine and Spirits.

Knob Creek - from Small Batch to Limited Edition

At our November 2017 Flight Club monthly tasting event, we sampled five different version of Knob Creek, beginning with the 9 Year Small Batch through the recently released Knob Creek 25th Anniversary.

Jim Beam's High Rye Mash Bill

Like other distillers, Jim Beam produces different recipes. Read about Jim Beam's high rye mash bill here.

Knob Creek by Flight Club

In the fall of 2017, Flight Club assisted Tom's Wine and Spirits in selecting a Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon.

Booker's Rye

2017 Whiskey of the Year. Read how it compares to other highly rated rye whiskies.

Jim Beam Bourbon

Member Josh Cary attended a local tasting event, where he was able to sample the entire (horizontal) lineup of Jim Beam branded products.


See how one Booker's small batch bourbon compares from year to year.