Dr. Stephen Benson

Dr. Stephen Benson is an original Flight Club member and a licensed clinical Psychologist, focusing his practice on adult and older adult Psychotherapy, testing and consultation.

Dr. Benson originates from the Seattle, Washington area, and received his bachelor’s degree from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.   There, Dr. Benson championed both the classroom and the soccer field, where he no doubt committed numerous professional fouls upon the pitch.  Since completion of his undergraduate studies, Dr. Benson but has spent portions of his education and professional life in the Los Angeles and San Antonio areas.  Dr. Benson has resided in Wichita, Kansas since 2000.

Despite this established history, Dr. Benson cannot account for his actual whereabouts over a period of time from approximately 1990 until roughly 2007.  While many have their theories as to this mystery, none have been brave enough to further investigate.  He continues to have bouts of disappearance, generally in the middle of Flight Club tasting events.

Dr. Benson’s interests are diverse.  Dr. Benson has been a lifelong fan of alternative rock music and has attended countless concerts around the world.  Similar in geography, but in far contrast to the concert lifestyle, Benson has traveled the world running marathons.  To date, Dr. Benson has completed numerous marathons in the United States and also on three continents.

Dr. Benson’s favorite spirits generally carry Japanese Whisky labels; however, he is often found enjoying all sorts of American, Canadian, Scotch and Irish whiskies.