Eric Schroeder

Mr. Eric “Hot Pockets” Schroeder was a 2018 inductee into Flight Club.

Mr. Schroeder brings to Flight Club an esteemed food science background. As a native cheese head of Green Bay, Wisconsin (go Packers), food, or at least the knowledge and appreciation of food, runs through Mr. Schroeder’s blood. Mr. Schroeder began his formal culinary training with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2002. He followed his education with employment with the likes of Nestle, Kellogg and now Cargill. During these times Mr. Schroeder helped develop many well-known food items, which we are fairly certain we are prohibited by some non-disclosure agreement from direcetly mentioning *cough* Hot Pockets *cough*.

Also running through Mr. Schroeder’s blood (after hours, of course) are the finer spirits of Bourbon, Rye, Irish Whiskey and Rum. His fascination of these spirits stems from his days working in food-product development, wherein he made frequent work trips to Kentucky In the mid- to late-2000’s. During this time, Mr. Schroeder beat the rush and took the opportunity to develop a palate – and a collection – of some of the now long-lost finer whiskeys of a decade ago. Today, Mr. Schroeder can be found in just about every secret Facebook group dedicated to the “appreciation” of the whiskey and rum marketplace.

Mr. Schroeder and his wife, Lily, parent a Siamese cat named Heidi and a Great Dane named Elijah. Yes, Elijah, . . . after the father of bourbon, Elijah Craig.