Jamie Baalmann

Mr. Jamie Baalmann was a 2018 Flight Club inductee. However, Club management has agreed to grant him credit for an additional two years’ worth of club service, if he will agree to refrain from texting after 11pm (yes, each of our wives know him as “Damnit Jamie”, and curse his existence as our phones now regularly ding and vibrate on the nightstand each night).

Mr. Baalmann cannot recall the year he graduated or how old he is. But as a carpenter by trade for more than a decade, Mr. Baalmann can quote the number of doors and drawers there are on a kitchen he built ten years prior. This Rain Man like quality is exceptionally helpful to the group, as it extends to his bourbon knowledge of things like age statements and sources of distillation for non-distillery producers (NDP’s), and where, when and for how much he purchased all of his 300+ bottles of whiskey.

Mr. Baalmann is the owner of Prairie Cabinetry & Construction, which specializes in custom cabinetry. However that venture has taken a back burner, in favor of a unique (and admittedly awesome) opportunity to work at a soon-to-be-opened Wichita, Kansas museum called “House of Tank,” where he has been charged with just about every task imaginable, including fixing, moving and restoring armor dating back to WWI, as well as getting the building in order. Mr. Baalman will be running day to day of the museum upon opening.

Mr. Baalmann’s social skills should not be confused with the typical pretention for which Flight Club has become known, but instead, he recognizes that he is just naturally terrible at small talk. However, Mr. Baalmann is in his element talking about hunting or bourbon until the end of time.

Mr. Baalmann and his wife, Andrea, have two minions, Harper and Teague. While he hopes bourbon is in their future, he anxiously awaits the sooner days for his children to be old enough to go with him on the hunt and hopes to make the outdoors a part of their lives as well.