Phillip Horvey

Mr. Phillip Horvey is an original Flight Club member and serves in a newly created role as the Club’s Field Trip Chair.  In this role, Mr. Horvey coordinates both ad hoc gatherings of club members in events around the community and excursions to liquor related destinations outside the Wichita metro area.

Mr. Horvey is a native of Colorado.  While he is now firmly rooted in Kansas, Mr. Horvey regularly vacations in his home state.  It is in that environment (and with those laws) where Mr. Horvey feels most alive – with open air and mountains that cannot contain his exuberance.

With his energetic approach to life, Mr. Horvey brings a refreshing liveliness to monthly Flight Club gatherings.  Mr. Horvey’s enthusiasm and “no fear” approach to sampling food and drink – including both traditional and exotic spirits – define him as a member of the Club.  And no matter the spirit or cocktail, Mr. Horvey can always find the positive spin.

Mr. Horvey is a self-claimed student of Rum and other sugar based spirits, ranging from traditional unaged and aged Caribbean Rums to Brazilian Cachaça to Rhum Agricole.  His go-to “liqueur de choix” is Mount Gay Eclipse Rum.  It would surprise no one to find Mr. Horvey on holiday on a Caribbean beach, having shed his pants, sipping on a local Rum cocktail, and dancing to the native music.

Mr. Horvey is zookeeper at Sedgwick County Zoo, currently specializing in birds.  He has two children – Alexander (Xander) and Grayson (Gray).  He and his wife (Kristen) enjoy dining and traveling.