Ryan Boyle

Mr. Ryan Boyle is a 2015 Flight Club pledge and the chair of the Club’s Award’s Committee.  In that role, Mr. Boyle determines the awards to be bestowed upon members for their yearly contributions, including the “Man of the Year” award, which awards are conferred during the End of the Year Bottle Party.  Mr. Boyle is said to be ineligible for awards because of this esteemed position, but also because his attendance at regular monthly tastings is described as dismal at best (but thanks for paying your dues!).

If Mr. Boyle were a whiskey, he would be best described as a bourye – the growingly popular blend of two distinct spirits, bourbon and rye.  Bourbon is considered by many to be sweet, smooth and mellow.  Similarly, Mr. Boyle possesses many of the endearing qualities of the Midwest – also described as sweet, smooth and mellow – where he now calls home.   It’s hard to hate a good bourbon, no matter your taste.  Then you have Rye.  Rye is the spicy, bold, in-your-face spirit.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  This is the New York and New England in Mr. Boyle.  Mr. Boyle calls Sidney, New York, his hometown, and completed collegiate studies at Providence College in Rhode Island. He has lived in numerous locations throughout the Northeast, including New York and Boston.  There is no mistaking a Rye, nor the Northeast in Mr. Boyle.  Together, the Bourbon and Rye complete a package of contradiction, one that is simply enjoyable to be around.

Mr. Boyle is married (Laci) and together they have two children (Dylan and Dante).  Both Mr. and Mrs. Boyle are avid basketball fans.  Mr. Boyle’s history of locales, from Providence, Rhode Island (the Friars), to Nebraska (the Creighton Bluejays), to Kansas (the Kansas Jayhawks and the Wichita Shockers), creates quite an interesting March in the Boyle household.

Mr. Boyle works for a Koch Industries subsidiary as an Exchange and Execution Risk Manager.