Proof:  125

Mash Bill:  75% Corn, 10% Rye, 15% Barley

Price:  $45

Yield:  136 bottles

Received:  May 2019

Coming soon!

Sample #2 – 1792 Full Proof Single Barrel, Barrel #3252, Lot 11-L-19.

Nose: Buttered grilled corn; traditional bourbon vanilla and brown sugar notes, along with cinnamon and baking spice; earthy (potting soil); grape bubblegum; apricot.  A complex nose, and one that lacks much of the “cardboard” nose that can come with Barton products.  Approachable for 125 proof.

Palate: Creamy. Grape soda; baking spice; dry oak; cream soda.  Delicious.  Not overly saturated with flavor, but also not overly saturated with heat.

Finish: Medium in length.  Sweet gum ball; vanilla; wafer cookies; brown sugar; oak.  Nothing off-putting here in any way.  In fact, the vanilla and wafer cookies  lingers on the tongue nicely, inviting the creamy/fruity character of the palate to come back for more.

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