Age:  Stated as 2 years

Proof:  92

Mash Bill:  Not Disclosed.

Price:  $40



Breckenridge does not produce a true “single barrel” product, but offers “Reserve Blend” picks.  This is a result of Breckenridge’s process of blending its own distillate and its sourced/contract-distilled product.

Breckenridge Bourbon – ABC Discount Wine & Spirits “Reserve Blend” Pick (Sampled by Scott Hill)

Nose:  Light and interesting.  Floral and vegetal, with some almost agave-like vegetal notes; herbal, with anise and white pepper; cooked corn with browned butter; light brown sugar frosting; some white granulated sugar; rye grain; dry oak. 

Palate: Vanilla wafers; simple syrup; brown sugar; some herbal/floral notes; ginger; creamed corn.  Light and thin. 

Finish:  A punch of flavor following a lighter palate.  Vanilla; rye and ginger spice; light herbal (anise and white pepper) spice; white sugar; light plum; some lingering caramel/vanilla.  

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