Age:  9+ years

Proof:  90

Mash Bill:  85% Corn, 10% Rye, 5% Barley (More on Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1)

Price:  $24.99


Received:  October 2019

Not available.  

Buffalo Trace Single Barrel – Tom’s by Flight Club 2019 Edition (90 Proof)

Nose: Dehydrated green apples; cherry; butterscotch; waxy apple skin; Sierra Mist; Lemon Warhead candy; baking spice.  Fruity and citrusy, with a nice undertone of traditional bourbon butterscotch and baking spice notes.

Palate: Cherry; Lemon Warhead, light oak/faint cardboard; salt; oily/buttery popcorn; vanilla ice cream.  This one brought age to the palate unlike the other picks and even a standard bottling.

Finish:  Medium. Leather, fruit leather (cherry roll up); effervescent lemon seltzer; brine.  A delicious leathery aged end to a nice Buffalo Trace experience.

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