Proof:  120

Mash Bill:  77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Barley



Received:  November, 2017

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Knob Creek – Auburn Spirits “CCR” Pick (Reviewed by Scott Hill)
Nose:  Fruity with notable apple and prune; light brown sugar; oak; ginger.  Very little the funky nuttiness that is common to Knob Creek products. While there is certainly some ethanol burn to the nose, it is less than you might expect from 120 proof, and comes across as freshly polished oak furniture.  
Palate:  Deep caramel and dark dried fruit; fudge brownies; brine.  Some of the lighter fruits from the nose are replaced by deeper sugar and chocolate notes.  Drinks under proof, although there is some tingle to the tongue.  
Finish:  Medium-long.  Cocoa and peanut butter cookies, with transitioning dried mixed stone fruit and prune.  
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