Age:  Not stated, but believed to be from 8-9 years.

Proof:  110

Mash Bill:  75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Barley 

Price:  $55



Barrel #82, Rickhouse G, Floor 5

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel – Jacob Liquor Exchange Pick  (Reviewed by Scott HillChris Crow and Jay Cary in November, 2017)

Nose: Chocolate; toffee; over-roasted coffee beans; heavy acetone burn; butter; hard butterscotch candy; prune.  Decent, but we struggle to find the additional layers beyond the acetone burn and the chocolate, toffee and coffee bean.

Palate: Spicier generally than many of the other Russell’s Reserve Single Barrels, with more heat; not complex; burning and bitter; vanilla; a little toffee; red cherry; baking chocolate dark tanic wine at the end of the palate.

Finish: Medium, but the only thing that really lingers is burn; baking chocolate and spice, but overshadowed by heat. 

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