Age:  10 Years, 3 months

Proof:  114

Mash Bill:  100% Malted Barley

Price:  $44.99

Yield:  Approx. 120 bottles

Received:  December 2019

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Tom’s by Flight Town Brancy Single Malt Single Barrel Bourbon – “Blindsided” (114 proof, 10 years old)

Nose:  Complex.  Floral; dark fruit; strawberry; vanilla yogurt; barnyard hay; barbecued meat (brisket?).

Palate: More barbecued meat (cherry glazed ribs); roasted apple; butter; cream; salt; vanilla ice cream; honeycomb.

Finish:  Lingering honeycomb; floral; meat; stewed fruit; dried strawberry; smoke; cream.

Overall:  This is quite the complex and rich pour.  Although this might be a bit polarizing for some, the uniqueness of this pour with its meatiness paired with the fruit, floral, and cream, is something special.  Even if it is not your thing, this one will make you think!

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