Age:  Unknown; aged in Missouri made toasted oak barrels. 

Proof:  121

Mash Bill:  100% American Heirloom  Corn

Price:  $79.99

Yield:  Approximately 48 bottles

Received:  December 2017

Coming soon!

Wood Hat Bloody Butcher Red Corn Whiskey (121 Proof)

Nose:  Rich.  Teriyaki/soy sauce, including both flavor and saltiness; port wine and raisin fruitiness; young green oak; grilled-to-a-light-char corn. Mild ethanol burn given the 121 proof.  A very different nose than just about anything on the market. 

Palate:  Viscous.  Initial roasted corn sweetness; red wine; late arriving spice and heat; red pepper flakes; vanilla; light ginger.  The uniqueness from the nose continues.

Finish:  Medium-long.  Slightly sweet popcorn that is not quite kettle yet not quite butter; light teriyaki; ginger; grilled buttered/sweet-pepper corn on the cob that lingers; the young craft notes set in and hang around a bit (corn and young green oak). 

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