Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2: The Single Barrels

Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2

Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2

Buffalo Trace Distillery has a rich history and enviable product line.┬áIt currently produces many of the most sought after whiskies on the market, including the Van Winkle line and the bottles comprising the Antique Collection. But other bottles, such as Elmer T. Lee and Blanton’s Single Barrel, are nearly as elusive and revered for whiskey connoisseurs.

Several friends and I recently tasted an abbreviated lineup of the bottles comprising Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2 – Hancock’s President’s Reserve, Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel, Blanton’s Single Barrel, Rock Hill Farms, and Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel. Each contain the same mash bill, are non-age stated, and single barrel releases.

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