Ardbeg Day and Reviews (Ardbeg 10, An Oa, Kelpie, Uigeadail and Correyvrekan)

Ardbeg is an Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky brand located on the island of Islay and renowned for its complex but smoky flavors.

The distillery of the same name dates back to 1815, when it was first licensed, although it operated for several decades unlicensed before that. For much of the next two centuries, Ardbeg focused primarily on producing components for blended whiskies.   But like many of Scotland’s storied distilleries, Ardbeg reduced and ultimately stopped production in the 1980’s, and remained (essentially) closed until Glenmorangie purchased and reopened the distillery in the late 1990’s.  Since its reopening, the distillery now focuses on Single Malt Whisky.

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Aberlour Scotch Whisky Reviews

Aberlour is a Speyside* distillery built in 1879 by its founder, James Fleming, who spent the previous 10 years working at the very nearby Dailuaine distillery.  Currently owned by Chivas Brothers, it is located at the confluence of the rivers Lour and Spey.   According to Aberlour, the location was chosen for its “sure supply of pure spring water that flowed over the pink granite of Ben Rinnes [a mountain in Moray, northern Scotland] . . .”

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The Long Island Whisky – Old Ferrytown Whisky No. 4

Long Island Whisky

No matter how versed you think you might be in the world of whiskey, there will always be something new, something unheard of, something unique that you haven’t tried. Recently, I had just that experience.

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Glenmorangie Signet Review (Bonus: The Original and Nectar d’Or Reviews)

If you have spent any time on a Scotch Whisky aisle in a store, chances are you have come across Glenmorangie more often than not.  Glenmorangie is a single malt Scotch producer in the Highlands region of Scotland (which is the by far the largest Scotch region in terms of both geographical size and whisky production).  And within that large Highlands region, Glenmorangie is said to be the best selling Single Malt in Scotland almost continuously since 1983.

Glenmorangie was founded in 1843 in the town of Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland, on the site of the Morangie brewery that had operated there since the 1730’s.  In 1918, the distillery would be sold.  Its then owners would retain control until 2004, when the company was sold to its current owner, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.  The distillery shut down several times during war and depression times.

Glenmorangie Signet

Today, Glenmorangie has four core expressions – The Original (ex-bourbon casks), the Lasanta (ex-bourbon cask with Oloroso Sherry cask finish), the Quinta Ruban (white oak with ruby port cask finish) and the Nectar d’Or (Sauternes wine finish).  Glenmorangie also produces what they call the “prestige expressions,” which include 18, 19 and 25 year age stated whiskies, and the Signet (more below).  Additional vintage and private editions have been released over the past few years.

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