Whisky Jewbiliee “A Blend of Straight Whiskies” Review

It’s no surprise that we here at Flight Club are fans of Jewish Whisky Company/Single Cask Nation.  These guys put out quality spirits and we have been beyond fortunate to partake in several.  In addition to the bottles offered via Single Cask Nation, the fine folks at JWC have also put together the Whisky Jewbilee, “a festival for all lovers of whisky” which has taken place in several cities around the US.

As JWC/SCN has grown, however, future Whisky Jewbilee festivals have been “mothballed” in an effort to help refocus energy into growing the SCN range of business.  While we are excited about their future, we are also quite sad that we have been unable to attend one of these past special events.  This means that we have not had the opportunity to share a dram with the fine folks from JWC/SCN but we have also been unable to obtain one of the limited special edition Whisky Jewbilee bottles…well, until recently.

Several months ago, the Whisky Jewbilee bottling from the 2018 NYC festival was offered to Single Cask Nation members.  We managed to get our hands on one of these bottles and in the spirit of the beginning of Hanukkah, we review it below.  To our friends at Jewish Whisky Company/Single Cask Nation and all others, shalom and slainte.

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Single Cask Nation Wild Turkey

Single Cask Nation

It’s no surprise that the members of Flight Club are fans of Wild Turkey (see 30 days of Wild Turkey November 2017).  So when the good people at Single Cask Nation/Jewish Whisky Co. put the word out earlier this year that they were working on not one, but two, Wild Turkey releases, we were excited to try and get these bottles.

Single Cask Nation is essentially a U.S. based independent bottler putting out a variety of whisky and other spirits. These particular Wild Turkey single casks were limited in number and sure to be in high demand.  And boy, did this prove to be true.  Both releases (total of 283 bottles) sold out in minutes and Flight Club was fortunate to get a bottle of each release.

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