Every month, a different Flight Club member selects and researches a chosen spirit, prepares a cocktail and provides the hosting and presentation for the group's tasting.
Flight Club (002)
Flight Club
Sumus Plus Quam Vos
December 2017: Brennivin (Icelandic native spirit)
November 2017: Knob Creek
October 2017: Pisco
September 2017: Independent Scotch Bottlings
August 2017: Beer/Whiskey Crossovers
July 2017: Cachaça
June 2017: Old Forester Whiskey Row
The Distinguished Gentleman: The Man Behind the Bottle
May 2017: Kansas City Whiskey
April 2017: Single Grain Whisky
Maker’s Mark Lineup – Tasting Notes
March 2017 Monthly Tasting – Blanton’s and Bottling Proof Isolation
February 2017: Four Brothers – The Weller Lineup
January 2017: Maker’s Mark
November 2016: Japanese Blended Whiskies
October 2016: Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky
September 2016: Brandies of the World
August 2016: Espadin Joven Mezcals
July 2016: Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon
June 2016: Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky  
February 2016: Jameson Irish Whiskey
May 2016: American Straight Rye Whiskey
April 2016: Swedish Whiskey
January 2016: Irish Single Malt Whiskey