Age:  10+ Years

Proof:  107.2

Mash Bill:  

Price:  $99


Received:  Spring 2020

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Whistle Pig Single Barrel Rye – Barrel #102113 (107.2 proof) 

Nose:  Red apple skins; sweet pastry; mixed herbs; rye grain; peppermint; cinnamon; faint chocolate; polished oak.

Palate:  Creamy.  Apple sauce; frosted breakfast pastry; herbal, with cinnamon gum with peppermint.  A pleasant mouth-coating sweet chalkiness at the tail-end of the palate.

Finish:  A bright “pop” of herbal spice with candied cinnamon; lingering dry oak and cinnamon.

Overall:  Unmistakably rye.  The brightness of the apple notes along with the rye herbal/spice notes play beautifully off the sweet frosting and candy notes.  Quite well balanced without losing any of the character of sweetness, spice and age.  A solid barrel for sure!

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