National Bourbon Heritage Month at Monarch

Monarch Bourbon Heritage Month

If you are reading this post, chances are you’re not short on reasons to celebrate bourbon.  However, chances are also that most of you wouldn’t turn down such an opportunity.

This month, Monarch in Wichita, Kansas, is giving you this opportunity:  Bourbon Heritage Month at Monarch.

Bourbon Heritage Month was introduced as a result of 2007 resolution by the United States Senate.

The legislation recites that Congress declared Bourbon as “America’s Native Spirit” back in 1964.  The 2007 resolution reinforced that declaration, and further declared September 2007 as Bourbon Heritage Month to “celebrate the history of the Commonwealth, the distilleries and bourbon.”

Normally, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to read the text of the work of our legislature without a glass of whiskey by their side.  So suffice it to say that the resolution isn’t clear whether the month was to be observed as Bourbon Heritage Month in perpetuity.

Where the U.S. Senate left off, Kentucky itself has acted to continue the tradition.

Regardless of any official act by Congress or Kentucky’s legislature, many around the country, including Monarch, celebrate September as Bourbon Heritage Month.  Flight Club will be there.  You should, too.

Over the next month, you have an opportunity to earn a t-shirt, a highball glass, and the pride in knowing you completed your journey through Monarch’s  Bourbon Trail Passport.

Monarch Bourbon Heritage Month

The selections provide a great tool to learn (or reinforce a memory) about the many of the characteristics that make up what is each particular bourbon.

Over the next month, we will bring you reviews of each of the selected bourbons.  In doing so, we will do our best to describe for you many of the characteristics of each bourbon, using terms like “high rye” or “low rye,” “sourced,” “age stated,” “high proof,” “single barrel,” etc.  Hopefully,we can all learn a little something on our journey.  We hope you join us (virtually) on this journey.  Maybe we will even see you saddled up to the bar at Monarch.

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