1792 225th Anniversary Review

Today, we finish our series on 1792 bourbons with a review of the recently released 1792 225th Anniversary Bourbon.  The 1792 225th Anniversary bottle was released in Kentucky only, and only as a one-time release.  For a detailed history of 1792 and reviews of many other 1792 and Barton products, check out our 1792 page.

1792 225th Anniversary

On June 1st of 2017, Kentucky celebrated its 225th anniversary of joining the United States.  To honor the celebration, 1792 released a 225th Anniversary bourbon, bottled at 92.15 proof – representing 17″92″ and the fact that Kentucky was the “15th” state to join the union.

No age statement is available on the bottle or in the press release.  There is also no indication as to whether this is simply standard 1792 Small Batch at a different proof, or whether this is pulled from older or different stock.

Special thanks again to our friend of Flight Club, Eric Schroeder, and his friend, Troy Townley, for sourcing us this sample.  Cheers!

1792 225th Anniversary (92.15 proof) (NAS)

Nose:  Grilled and lightly charred corn; tobacco; salt and pepper; peach pit; banana peal; brown sugar; vanilla; fresh sawn oak.  (3.5/5)

Palate: Melted vanilla frozen custard; salted caramel; baking spice; apple. (3.5/5)

Finish:  Medium.  Some cocoa rich chocolate; oak; apple; caramel; slowly fading vanilla custard.  (3/5)

Overall:  Rich flavors throughout.  I am more than satisfied with this 225th Anniversary release.  (3.5/5)

Value:  This was released this past year for $35-$40, a bit higher than the 1792 Small Batch.  It is lower proof, but I suspect it is pulled from either older or more select stock.  The 1792 225th Anniversary is better than 1792 Small Batch and worth the added dollars.    (3/5)

“The 225th is better than 1792 Small Batch and worth the added dollars.”

1792 225th Anniversary

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