Wild Turkey Month Day 60: Wild Turkey 101 8 Year – 1978 Decanter

Chapter 13, Part 4: 

Today we finish our last chapter of Wild Turkey Month 2018. This chapter focuses on Wild Turkey 8 Year 101’s from the 1970’s.  While many of these fit into the “Classic 101’s” profile from the last chapter, what makes this grouping unique is that each of the bourbons were bottled in ceramic decanters.

Over these last four days of November 2018, we will bring you reviews of each of these bourbons – 1975, 1976, 1977 and 1978.  We review these in chronological order.  For a background on these decanters, including a discussion of the lead risks associated with each, we invite you to read the review of the 1975 Wild Turkey 101 8 Year.

[Author’s Note:  This day – November 30, 2018 – is my 40th Birthday.  To help celebrate the occasion, I sought out a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 bottled in my birth year.  In my buying research, I came across a set of these decanters at online auction.  I jumped on the opportunity.  The bottles were shared lovingly with my fellow Flight Club member and other friends at my recent birthday party.  And of course we post the review of the 1978 on this my 40th birthday.  Cheers friends!]

Wild Turkey 101 8 Year

Wild Turkey 101 – 8 Year (1978 Decanter) (Sampled by Scott Hill, Jamie Baalmann and Stephen Netherton)

Nose:   Butterscotch; rich leather; wood varnish; raisin; molasses; chocolate muffins; vanilla; raw rye grain; earthy and grainy; pie crust.  (4/5)

Palate:  Syrupy.  Sweet oak; black grapes chocolate chips; maple syrup; fruit leather; syrupy flat cola; some cinnamon; hard cheery candy.  (4.5/5)

Finish:  Chocolate chips transition to cocoa; cola; plum and overripe strawberries; blackberries.  A solid oak backbone throughout.  (4.5/5)

Overall:  The chocolate and leather combination is really appealing.  Against some really nice old Turkey competitors, this stands up very well.  One of our favorites.  (4.5/5)

Value:  Keeping in mind the lead risk and knowing that we wouldn’t want to drink this too often, this bottle really excels on value at $125.  We have reviewed some great classic turkeys, most of which exceed the price here by 2x-3x.  We are more than satisfied with this pour. (4/5)

“One of our favorites.”

Wild Turkey 101 8 Year

Below is a link to our YouTube channel and the video review of each of the four decanters:

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