About Us

In 2013, Co-Founder Scott Hill had a vision.  A vision he shared and further developed with Co-Founder and lifelong friend, Chris Crow.  That fall, Mssrs. Hill and Crow set out to create a drinking education club, to begin its operation in January 2014.

The group would be like the infamous “Fight Club” in that it was very “manly” and you wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it.  But this group would involve much less fighting (unless it be one of Mr. Young’s insightful debates about politics) and instead would be about “flights” of drinks (a flight being simply the serving of a selection of drinks).

The two elder statesmen made their pitch.  The concept was that the group would have 12 members, each of which contribute a sum per month (then $30 per month) to be in the club.  Each member will host one “party” per year, at which time they will get the $360 of group funds to buy liquor.  The selections would focus on approximately four bottles of really exceptional liquors, served flight style, in which the remaining eleven members would come, be educated and sample.  The intention was not (and is not) drunkenness. The intention was to justify trying that “really great bottle of _____” that you have always wanted to try.  The host picks the liquor style, and then researches the style and comes up with a selection of liquors.

The rules of Flight Club have evolved and expanded since inception.  Today, the rules of Flight Club are found in the group’s bylaws, found here.

We obviously take ourselves very seriously, and rightfully so.  However, we welcome your comment and criticism (it is frankly that criticism that continuously fuels us).   You may email us at scott.hill@flightclubict.com.

Should you desire to franchise our concepts, we welcome the opportunity to work with you (for nominal, liquid royalties).