October 2019: Port Finished Scotch

Port Finish Scotch

Tonight, we will be tasting five different Scotches. Each bottle varies in ABV, age, and finishing/maturation time in port barrels. I chose to do this tasting to introduce you to varied whisky styles from different regions while combining a common theme among them.

The bottles come from five different regions of Scotland, depicted below:

Port Finish Scotch


The “cocktail” was chosen to be a pour of tawny port to aid in identifying the port specific characteristics in each of the whiskies.

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2019 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Announcement

2019 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Announcement!


The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection was first introduced a little over a decade ago. It features five whiskeys (two ryes and three bourbons) that are some of the most highly sought-after in the market. Each is a pillar in the limited edition whiskey industry.

George T. Stagg: clocks in this year at 116.9 proof, which is BY FAR the lowest proof to date (last year’s release was 124.9 proof), and 15 years and 3 months (last year’s release was  15 years  and 4 months). Barrel selection will be released later, but it sounds like there was more evaporation than last year (56%). Last year, there were 284 barrels and about 37,111 bottles.

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August 2019: Cask Strength Bunnahabhain


After recent trip to Scotland, Flight Club members Lee BullockScott Hill, and Christopher Crow wanted to try and recreate an experience from their favorite Scotch distillery – Bunnahabhain.

At the Bunnahabhain distillery, they had the opportunity to taste five cask strength barrels pulled directly from the barrel.  Our tasting lineup featured four bottles at cask strength and a bottle from Bunnahabhain’s signature line.

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Remus Repeal Reserve Series 1 Review

Remus Repeal Reserve Series 1 is part of MGP’s George Remus bourbon brand, which launched in 2016. As its name indicates, Remus Repeal Reserve Series 1 is the George Remus brand’s initial release for this premium bourbon. The bottle was released in November 2017, with Series 2 being released a year later.

Remus Repeal Reserve Series 1

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