August 2018: North American Rye Whiskey and Cigar Pairing

rye whiskey

Rye Whiskey has become a distinctly North American product. America’s neighbors to the north appreciate the unique characteristics of the rye grain. And, despite what some hockey fans might tell you, Canadian and American can play nicely together. At least when it comes to whiskey.

All of the whiskey we will be sampling is rye whiskey. Some of it from Canada, some of it from the United States, some of it a combination of the two, and some finished in European casks.

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Single Cask Nation Wild Turkey

Single Cask Nation

It’s no surprise that the members of Flight Club are fans of Wild Turkey (see 30 days of Wild Turkey November 2017).  So when the good people at Single Cask Nation/Jewish Whisky Co. put the word out earlier this year that they were working on not one, but two, Wild Turkey releases, we were excited to try and get these bottles.

Single Cask Nation is essentially a U.S. based independent bottler putting out a variety of whisky and other spirits. These particular Wild Turkey single casks were limited in number and sure to be in high demand.  And boy, did this prove to be true.  Both releases (total of 283 bottles) sold out in minutes and Flight Club was fortunate to get a bottle of each release.

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