Old Tub Bottled-in-Bond (2020 750ml Limited Release)

Old Tub.  Those of you who have studied Jim Beam history may know this label as one of Beam’s most popular late 19th century bourbons.  Like many big brands of its day, the brand was largely mothballed after prohibition.  Those of you who know of Old Tub but aren’t familiar with its history may know Old Tub from its distillery only 375ml release, over the past at least decade.

This past June, however, Jim Beam announced that it was taking the Old Tub brand national, with a limited release 750ml bottling.  Unlike the 375ml release, however, the 750ml bottling is non-chill-filtered.

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Knob Creek 12 Year Review

Knob Creek 12 Year

It’s fair to say that I’m guilty of buying more than my share of the “latest release” bourbons, without knowing exactly what I’m getting myself into.  None may hold truer than my personal fascination with Jim Beam’s Knob Creek line of bourbons.  From the 2001, to the 25th Anniversary, to the Quarter Oak, to one of now many Rye releases, to even the now dozens of single barrels that have hit our region, I find myself constantly grabbing the latest that Knob Creek has to offer.  Why?  Well, I’ve yet to find much disappointment in the line, although I can say that the pricing of some of the earlier limited editions have left something to be desired.

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“Blindsided” – Town Branch Kentucky Single Malt Single Barrel Reserve Selected by Tom’s and Flight Club.

Did you say single malt?

Yes, that’s right, a single barrel single malt private selection has hit Wichita for the first time. And it comes in at more than 10 years old and at cask strength! But even more exciting is that it is a 10 year single malt produced in none other than these United States.

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