Brian Carman

Mr. Brian Carman, esq. is a 2018 inductee to Flight Club.  

Brian is Flight Club’s first token “project” – a term defined in Urban Dictionary style as the type of person you might friend, with the sole purpose of trying to improve their otherwise wretched existence, only in effort to make yourself feel good.  

To understand the man is to understand where he came from.  While it should come as no surprise to those who know him, Brian has harbored a lifelong secret that he has now only agreed to share.  Brian was raised by a pack of wolves.  In Brian’s early days, tragically, his wolf-pack leader was deported after an “incident” on the set of the popular 80’s action series MacGyver (that is a story for another day).  

With his family disbanded, Brian found himself of the rough streets of Topeka, Kansas with nothing but a rubber band, toothpick and ball point pen.  It is with these “tools” Brian was able to not only survive, but thrive in Topeka, despite extremely difficult challenges (Topeka didn’t even have a Starbucks until 2013).  Brian has avoided being caught for any felonious activities and remains mostly disease free.     Brian’s vices learned in the streets are too numerous to mention here and are summed up easiest with the all too familiar Topeka crest motto: “I had better not……why, do you have some?” 

Recently, and by recently we mean only since joining the Flight Club, Brian has matured and become a productive member of society.  Brian is a member at Stinson, Lasswell and Wilson and practices primarily family law.  His wife, Callie is an ER Nurse and he has two boys.  Brian is active in their lives which seems to revolve around which new city they are in every weekend for their continued pursuits of becoming the next Ronaldo.