Charlie King

​Charlie King, aka “King Charles the fifth of Scotch,” is a 2019 inductee to Flight Club.

If Flight Club went to a lab to create an ideal millennial member, it would produce Charlie King. Not saying we did or didn’t, but he walked out of his petri dish with a pristine beard, no children, a cigar in one hand and a well-aged Single Malt Speyside Scotch in the other.

Aside from this magnanimous scientific achievement, Mr. King (not one to stand on formalities, he also answers to “your Royal Highness Majesty May-He-Reign-Forevermore”) also displays impressive pragmatism and tenderness. After graduating from East High, he enrolled in the University of Kansas, obtaining his degree in finance (he finished this degree on time, demonstrating the one flaw in his millennial genotype). For the past several years, Mr. King has shown a proficiency for commercial real estate, under the employ of Occidental Management, Inc. But to describe Mr. King as only a pragmatist would insult his equally tender nature, as his new bride, Abby, would attest. Together, they are raising an Australian Shepherd, Quinn, who is already fluent as a therapy dog in three languages.

Mr. King has quickly proven a valuable addition to Flight Club. And we are already working on plans to replicate him.