Christopher Crow

Mr. Christopher Crow is a Flight Club Co-Founder and serves as the club’s “CFO.”

In 2013, Mr. Crow, along with Co-Founder Scott Hill, embarked on a journey.   The two sought to create an educational organizational of an unparalleled nature, one in which each member would be both teacher and student.   The organization would be devoted to finding sophisticated gentlemen, who desired to sophisticated interaction and sophisticated drinks.   Mr. Crow himself embodies such description.

Since club inception, Mr. Crow has been instrumental in overall club development and recruitment, assimilating members from diverse professional backgrounds.  As CFO, Mr. Crow runs a tight ship on the club’s finances, handling club dues collections, accounting and purchasing.

To describe Mr. Crow as having a Type A personality is truly a disservice.  Some say that Mr. Crow is wound tighter than a two dollar watch.   But it is this personality and drive that has made Mr. Crow both a success in his industry, and a success in leading Flight Club.  During his tenure in office, Mr. Crow has received numerous awards, including the prestigious “Micro Manager of the Year” award given annually by Productivity Weekly.

Mr. Crow and his wife (Savanna) reside in Wichita, Kansas.  The Crows enjoy traveling and can often be found (with their dogs) at their Colorado mountain cabin.  Mr. Crow is a devoted runner and has completed numerous half-marathon distance events around the country.

Mr. Crow is a Vice President of Sales at Textron Aviation.