Jay Cary

Mr. Jay Cary is an original member of Flight Club.

“Brother Cary,” as he is often known, serves as the Club’s “Adopt-a-Bar” chair – the Club’s effort to identify and promote exceptional liquor and cocktail selections in and around the Wichita metropolitan area.  Mr. Cary can often be found pitched upon a barstool at his favorite local establishment – The Monarch – enjoying their selection of top shelf whiskeys from around the world, or promoting the local microbrewery scene on his Instagram.

Mr. Cary is a collector of all things pretention, including high-end bourbons, luxury watches and exotic cars.  It is this genuineness to the “Flight Club Way” that makes Mr. Cary a model Club member.

Mr. Cary’s favorite spirit is Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, which he featured in a 2014 tasting.  His go-to bottle derives from this collection – the Redbreast 12.

Mr. Cary is married (Kelsey) with three children (Colten, Ethan and Sloane).  The Carys are active in all things “family life” and are regulars in various weekend circuits of sports and children’s activities around the Midwest.

Mr. Cary is the Vice President of Sales of Source: HDD/StraightLine HDD, two family run businesses and international firms located outside of Wichita, Kansas that focus on horizontal drilling equipment, supplies and parts.