Josh Cary

Mr. Josh Cary is a 2016 inductee into Flight Club.

Other brother Cary,” as he is often known, is the club’s token west-sider.  Due to his extreme western Kansas location (i.e., anywhere west of the Arkansas river that bisects Wichita), Mr. Cary is prohibited, by unanimous resolution, from hosting any Flight Club gathering at his home.

Mr. Cary is a degreed audio engineer.  Using this and web knowledge, Mr. Cary is employed as the eCommerce Director for All Things BBQ, a national barbeque retailer with a brick and mortar headquarters in Wichita. Mr. Cary has brought multimedia to the forefront of barbecue equipment and supply sales.  His talents extend beyond the computer and into the kitchen, as he is an award winning pitmaster. Mr. Cary has taken these talents to Flight Club, which has been integral in launching the domain, as well as assisting with hosting club tasting events and the End-of-the-Year Bottle party at All Things BBQ. As for his own individual contributions to the club Web site,  Mr. Cary is an aspiring author of content to be published on such domain, and his first post should be available any day now.

Mr. Cary also serves as the Club’s resident historian on Bourbon.  This title is not granted casually. Mr. Cary has earned the title having focused a better part of a decade searching, researching, discussing, sampling, reading and listening to all things Bourbon.  It is believed that Mr. Cary can identify nearly any Bourbon by its empty bottle alone (Mr. Cary having much more experience with the empties than any other member).

Mr. Cary and his wife (Tessia) have one daughter (Cora).

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